What is Therapy Web

  • Tell us your problem, we'll tell you who can help.
  • We cross check professional registration to give you peace of mind
  • Quality Professionals registered with recognised Professional Bodies
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Tell us your problem, we'll tell you who can help

TherapyWeb in unique in offering multiple types of Therapists who can help with your problem.

Some problems can result in a combination of Physical and Mental Health issues e.g. Chronic Back Pain can lead to Depression. We will provide you with details of Mental & Physical Therapists who can help, such as a Physiotherapist or Osteopath for the physical symptoms and a Psychologist for the mental symptoms.

This "multidisciplinary" approach has been shown to provide better outcomes for many patients and the National Institute for Health & Clinical Excellence (NICE) recommends that Health Professionals should "consider referral for a combined physical and psychological treatment programme" for problems such as Low Back Pain, amongst many others.


We cross check Professional registration to give you peace of mind

Sometimes when looking for a Therapist you may be concerned that they are not quite who or what they say they are.

All therapists with the "Checked by TherapyWeb" stamp have submitted proof to us of their registration with the relevant Professional Body. This means that you can concentrate on searching for the right therapist for you, with confidence.

Full details of our "Checked by Therapyweb" process can be seen here.


Quality Professionals, registered with recognised governing bodies

The sheer range of Professional titles and qualifications can be confusing.

To ensure the quality of Therapists with the "Checked by TherapyWeb" stamp we only publish details of professionals who are registered with well recognised governing bodies. Each body lays down detailed criteria for registration with them and most also provide guidance for ethical and professional conduct.

A full list of the bodies we recognise can be found here.


Browse by Problem, type of Professionals and Location

We believe that you need a simple way to find the help you need in your area.

That is why TherapyWeb has been designed to let you search using whatever criteria you prefer. You can use the free text search box or any of the predetermined categories listed in the "Browse by" box. You can also filter your search by Type, Speciality or Gender of Therapist as well as the Fees they charge.