NHS is 'biased' against treating mental health

TherapistA former care minister has stated that the NHS is focusing too much on physical health problems, to the detrmient of patients suffering with mental health difficulties. Paul Burstow said families were paying the price as government figures showed spending on mental health services fell by 1 per cent last year. Patients are suffering a “postcode... Read More


How Mental illness loses out in the NHS

Therapist"Mental illness has the same effect on life-expectancy as smoking, and more than obesity". This is just one of the shocking headlines that came out of a report by the The Centre for Economic Performance’s Mental Health Policy Group. The report examined the way the NHS deals with Mental as opposed to Physical illness and found that,... Read More


Setting up in Private Practice training

TherapistAt last! A coaching programme that helps you to move from the “thinking about it” stage to actually making your dream of having your very own private therapy practice a reality.  One of our partners, Mirror Coaching, have just launched this innovative new online training programme. The "First Steps" programme is designed... Read More


CHRE to set up Accreditation scheme for Healthcare Practitioners

TherapistThe Council for Healthcare Regulatory Excellence (CHRE) has announced that they will be setting up a voluntary registration scheme for organisations who represent Health & Social care professionals, that do not have statutory regulators in place. The aim of the scheme is to ensure that all such organisations maintain high standards by enabling... Read More